Have you Suffered an Aviation or Plane Injury?

If you are one of the many people injured in a plane or aviation accident each year and you need lawsuit financing or a lawsuit advance NationwideLawsuitFunding.com may be your answer. Geneva-based Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO) compiles statistics on aviation accidents of aircraft capable of carrying more than six passengers, not including helicopters, balloons, or fighter airplanes. Statistics show that there is were an average of over 140 aviation accidents per year over the last five years (2006-2010). Aviation accidents that result in injuries to passengers and pilots are most common during the following parts of the flight:

  • taxi, load, unload and parked
  • takeoff and initial climb
  • cruising
  • descent
  • initial approach
  • final approach and landing

Flying on commercial airliners is extraordinarily safe these days with your chances of being in a commercial airplane accident being in the 1 in 7 million range. To put it in prospective, you can take a round-trip flight everyday for the next 8,500 years without injury according to probability  Small plane accidents are more risky in that there are over roughly one thousand small place accidents each year. The most common causes of commercial and small-place aviation accidents are:

  • pilot error
  • improper landing
  • engine failure
  • in-flight icing
  • in-flight instrument failure
  • mid-air collisions
  • flight instructor error
  • negligent maintenance

How Does Lawsuit Funding Work?

Depending on how long it takes for you to fill out your application and how quickly we speak with your attorney you can received funds in as little as 48 hours. The process itself starts with you filling out the application to the right and one our our funding specialists will reach out to you.

After you are finished filling out your online application for a lawsuit settlement, notify your attorney that you have applied for a lawsuit advance against the proceeds of your case. Once we receive your application we will fax your lawyer a request for copies of documents supporting your claim along with a brief questionnaire. Once we receive all of the necessary documentation from your attorney our staff will review your request. If approved we will typically be able to advance you cash within 24 hours.

Why should you Choose NLF?

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