Maritime Injury

Have you been injured in a Maritime accident but need Money NOW?

If you are one of the many people injured in a water related accident each year and you need lawsuit financing or a lawsuit advance may be your answer. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how many maritime accidents or offshore accidents there are in a given year, the United States Coast Guard responded to over 27,000 incidents resulting in more than 800 fatalities and at least $100 million in property damage alone in 2008. While the cuases of maritime and offshore accidents is vast, the most common causes to the vessel itself are:

  • human error
  • equipment malfuncion
  • extreme weather conditions
  • collisions
  • capsizing
  • sinking vessels
  • inadequate braking

With an average of over 3 accidents per day maritime accidents include accidents on virtual all sea vessels including commercial boats, military boats, jet skis, personal boats, and fishing boats. Major damage is usually caused by fires, collisions, explosions, and loss of well control. Approximately 50 offshore workers suffer significant injuries each year and 10 more will lose their lives. With regards to diving accidents, the majority of accidents are due to equipment failure, poorly trained crew members, pressure differential, and underwater burning. Injuries on the vessel itself are often caused by the following accidents:

  • cathead slips
  • falling objects
  • cables snapping
  • dangerous grating
  • improper loading of cargo
  • overboards
  • intoxication
  • sinking vessels
  • negligent equipment operation

How Does Lawsuit Funding Work?

Depending on how long it takes for you to fill out your application and how quickly we speak with your attorney you can received funds in as little as 48 hours. The process itself starts with you filling out the application to the right and one our our funding specialists will reach out to you.

After you are finished filling out your online application for a lawsuit settlement, notify your attorney that you have applied for a lawsuit advance against the proceeds of your case. Once we receive your application we will fax your lawyer a request for copies of documents supporting your claim along with a brief questionnaire. Once we receive all of the necessary documentation from your attorney our staff will review your request. If approved we will typically be able to advance you cash within 24 hours.

Why should you Choose NLF?

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