How to Apply

Apply online, over the Phone of via Fax

Please read the following instructions on how to apply for your cash advance.

  1. Complete the online application to start the process with a representative.
  2. Notify your attorney that you applied for a lawsuit advance against the proceeds of your case.
  3. Once we receive your application and if your case meets our initial criteria, we will fax a request for copies of the documents supporting your claim along with a questionnaire to your attorney.
  4. Once we receive all of the documentation from you and your attorney, we will then review your request. If your application is approved, we typically will be able to advance you cash within 24 hours.
  5. You get your cash! (There is no cost to you for this application process unless and until you win your case or receive a settlement.)
  6. We get paid only if you win your case or receive a settlement. It is that simple. Once you win your lawsuit or receive a settlement, your attorney will repay us the amount of the law suit loan plus interest, along with $200 in fees for origination and underwriting expenses, all of which are payable out of the amount you receive from your lawsuit. If you don’t receive payment from your lawsuit, we don’t get paid.